Peter drucker on knowledge workers management

I wish to discuss Knowledge Management in the 21st Century by first going back to some basic principles, and then briefly outline some simple strategies for identifying, creating, storing, sharing and using knowledge.

Peter drucker on knowledge workers management

Read our Privacy Policy At its most basic level, knowledge work is often the source of new ideas. So, to get the most from your knowledge workers, and to create an environment where new ideas can flow and flourish, follow some of these basic leadership and management practices.

This may help to create the competitive advantage you need.

Peter drucker on knowledge workers management

Knowledge workers have to use technology to keep track of everything they need to know. As a manager, make sure your knowledge workers have access to appropriate technology. This could be something as straightforward as providing them with PDAs, or with access to the Internet.

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Find ways to provide the right technology, and make sure knowledge workers use it. Manage Knowledge Develop a strategy to manage knowledge within your company. Create a wiki containing organizational knowledge, along with systems that support and encourage the sharing and retention of knowledge in your workplace.

It also helps to provide workspaces where knowledge workers can share and collaborate with their colleagues. And they often need space where they can go to think privately, without distractions.

However, most knowledge workers like at least some level of autonomy. Instead, they probably prefer managers to clear the way for them to work productively.

Bosses of knowledge workers are often knowledge workers themselves. This makes the role of coach even more important. Develop a coaching relationship in which you give knowledge workers the freedom and support they need to do their work.

Greater motivation means more collective brainpower that will be used to make the project a success. To ensure high motivation levels, you may have to consider carefully which projects you assign to knowledge workers.

Find out what their interests and goals are, and then aim to align those to the work they do within the organization. Get Creative With Performance Metrics Knowledge work is mostly unseen, and therefore difficult to measure.

Popular Tags Instead, the answers to effectively leading the youngest generation in the workforce can be found in a simple theory my friend Peter Drucker formulated 40 years ago.
Managing Knowledge Workers: Lessons from the Master - [email protected] Biography[ edit ] Drucker grew up in what he referred to as a "liberal" Lutheran Protestant household in Austria-Hungary. Hans Kelsen was his uncle.

For example, a marketing company might decide that campaign awards are the most valid measurement of performance. Obtaining patents might be the measurement system in product development companies.Scientific management is a theory of management that analyzes and synthesizes main objective is improving economic efficiency, especially labour was one of the earliest attempts to apply science to the engineering of processes and to management.

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Scientific management is sometimes known as Taylorism after its founder, Frederick Winslow Taylor. Jan 06,  · The other day I was explaining to a customer about the different types of Information Worker. Doing a web search afterwards I found very little information available about a bunch of terms we tend to bandy about quite freely without ever really explaining: Information Worker, Knowledge Worker, Structured Task Worker and Data Entry Worker.

Oct 28,  · How To Manage The Knowledge Workers On Your Team. Management guru Peter Drucker first coined the term 'knowledge worker' in the late s, when the post-war workforce was on the brink of. What Peter Drucker Knew About workers was “the most important contribution management needs to make in to inspire “by satisfying knowledge workers’ greed,” Drucker counseled.

• Peter Drucker’s extensive, thoughtful writing about the management of organizations has garnered both zealous disciples and dismissive critics.

Knowledge Workers and Virtues in Peter Drucker’s Management Theory At the advent of the entrepreneurial economy and knowledge society, there has emerged a new social class that Drucker refers to as “knowledge workers” (Kelloway & Barling, ).

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